Keep your mission-critical sell-side projects moving with Navima: flexible enough to support a range of use cases including due diligence, divestments, carve-outs and IPOs across all industries. 


Key Features


Flexible enough to support a range of use cases including divestments, carve-outs and IPOs – across all industries


All the features you need to run a successful & efficient sell-side project

Dedicated to Security & Compliance

We’re ISO 27001:2017 certified and protect M&A teams to the highest possible level with bank-grade security

Unlimited Projects, Transparent Pricing

Run an unlimited number of sell-side projects with our predictable pricing model – we don’t price based on pages or MB uploaded

All the Features you Need

Navima is ideal for storing and sharing sensitive information across divestments, carve-outs and IPOs, teams, stakeholders and externals.
Our simple and secure virtual data room (VDR) functionally, along with customer success support, will give you confidence and control over your mission-critical sell-side projects.
Navima’s collaborative features and Advanced Analytics will provide you and your team with greater visibility, consistency and transparency across projects.
Stop wasting valuable time fulfilling duplicate information requests by creating sub-data rooms when managing multiple interested parties.

Highly Secure

Gain control over how your documents are viewed, managed, and shared with easy and intuitive document rights management, custom watermarks, restricted viewing, and more.
Mitigate your organisational risk with our dedication to security and compliance.
We’re ISO 27001:2017 certified and protect M&A teams to the highest possible level with bank-grade security encrypted backups and additional security measures such as two-factor authentication, complex passwords and controlled user-based permissions.

Professional Services Support

Talk to us about your sell-side project, and we will build a data room perfectly matched to your needs.
  • Customised online training sessions for your team
  • Bulk uploading and syncing content from your local drive or cloud storage
  • Inviting users: assigning roles, setting data room access limits and documents permissions
  • A fully compliant, archived version of your data room

Why choose Navima?


Single Source of Truth

All documents, tasks, project plans, risks, issues, conversations, etc. are located within a highly secure, ISO 27001 certified, collaborative cloud platform.


Save Time

Dynamic dashboards & reports support real time working, while compatibility with standard desktop packages and other software solutions saves teams hours when it comes to reporting across M&A projects.


Data Security

A highly secure environment for planning, executing, and reporting across M&A projects. Navima replaces the need to share confidential documents via email and allows teams to control exactly what teams and external advisors can see and do.


Access to Best-Practice

Playbooks provide teams with the know how to run a successful M&A project. Plus, a highly experienced network of expert consulting partners is on hand to provide additional support.

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With Navima, you’ll be able to: 

  • Collaborate in a highly secure cloud platform purpose built for M&A
  • Save time and bring consistency to your M&A projects
  • Build an M&A centre of excellence with best-practice playbooks