Create unlimited, custom workspaces for all your mission critical projects and connect teams and stakeholders.
A workspace is the epicentre for all project information, communications, and collaboration for a specific project.

Key Workspace Features

Global Workspaces

Global workspaces provide an aggregated view across all projects

Project Workspaces

Project workspaces are the epicentre of project activity 


Editable blocks and layouts provide flexibility for M&A teams to build a customised workspace


Embed web content from sources outside of Navima to create a single source of truth 

Global Workspaces

Each user has their own Global Workspace with Activity Stream.

Activity Stream displays real time updates by aggregating activities and actions taking place within Navima across all projects of which a user is a member.

Project Workspaces

Each individual project has its own dedicated Workspace and Activity Stream, enabling users to see exactly what's going on within a project at any given time.
A project workspace is the epicentre for all project information, communications, and collaboration for a specific project.

In a project workspace you can share documents, discussions, chat, activity updates, tasks, Wikis (content) and events - there’s no need to jump between different applications.

Highly Customisable

Workspaces (Global and Project level) are made up of editable Blocks and highly customisable that can change the layout of Blocks, including the type or how many Blocks are visible on a Workspace.

In addition, you can embed web content from other sources (such as YouTube, news articles, google documents, etc).

Why choose Navima?


Single Source of Truth

All documents, tasks, project plans, risks, issues, conversations, etc. are located within a highly secure, ISO 27001 certified, collaborative cloud platform.


Save Time

Dynamic dashboards & reports support real time working, while compatibility with standard desktop packages and other software solutions saves teams hours when it comes to reporting across M&A projects.


Data Security

A highly secure environment for planning, executing, and reporting across M&A projects. Navima replaces the need to share confidential documents via email and allows teams to control exactly what teams and external advisors can see and do.


Access to Best-Practice

Playbooks provide teams with the know how to run a successful M&A project. Plus, a highly experienced network of expert consulting partners is on hand to provide additional support.

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