Stay in control with Navima’s document management system. Get working in minutes with easy upload and add documents of any file format (including PDF, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, mp4, JPEG).
Granular document permissions allow you to control what users can see and do across your confidential deal information.

Key Navima Document Features

Easy Uploads

Easy upload + send documents to a project workspace via email

Video Support

Automatic video encoding to .mp4 and .ogg, enables you to upload and view videos on PC, Mac and mobile devices


Integrations to popular cloud storage solutions such as Google Drive and Dropbox

Team Feedback

Add feedback to files with comments and annotations


Search within documents with global search (find any text-based keywords, including inside uploaded files)


Tag documents to display relevant content


Stay in control – file locking, approvals and requests 


Granular permission settings at the document level


Guest share files with non- Navima users and set expiry dates  

Easy Upload   

Start sharing documents within minutes from either PC, tablet or mobile (iOS and Android).

Set up a folder structure for easy navigation then upload multiple files of any format or size (including video) via either drag and drop, the file uploading tool or straight into your dedicated project workspace by email (each project within Navima has its own unique cc email address).

Once uploaded, instantly view files (without having to download) using Navima’s in-built document viewer and add custom tags for easy navigation and future referencing.

Stay in Control

Stay in control with version control, file locking and approvals.

View all saved versions of a document, compare and rollback/restore to previous versions.

Lock files while making changes then unlock once saved or a new version is uploaded. Request for a file or document to be approved by another person within your project or by guests you’ve shared the file with.


Navima offers integrations to all popular cloud storage solutions (e.g., Dropbox, Google, OneDrive, Box, etc) via API while integrations with DocuSign and Adobe Sign enables the signing of documents within the platform*. 

*separate subscriptions required, not provided by Navima. 


Why choose Navima?


Single Source of Truth

All documents, tasks, project plans, risks, issues, conversations, etc. are located within a highly secure, ISO 27001 certified, collaborative cloud platform.


Save Time

Dynamic dashboards & reports support real time working, while compatibility with standard desktop packages and other software solutions saves teams hours when it comes to reporting across M&A projects.


Data Security

A highly secure environment for planning, executing, and reporting across M&A projects. Navima replaces the need to share confidential documents via email and allows teams to control exactly what teams and external advisors can see and do.


Access to Best-Practice

Playbooks provide teams with the know how to run a successful M&A project. Plus, a highly experienced network of expert consulting partners is on hand to provide additional support.

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  • Build an M&A centre of excellence with best-practice playbooks