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A strategic design house specializing in brand and product market readiness.


About is + at

Why do so many early-stage brands, products, and ideas fail to reach mass adoption?

No matter how innovative the offering, its strategy is often underdeveloped, leading to an execution misaligned with its intended markets.

By combining expertise, insight, and innovation, we at is + at (is and at) identify opportunities in areas that are primed for success. We design systems and realize brands, messaging, and products into market-ready states.

Achieving Success

is + at achieves success for our clients by listening, investigating, uncovering insights, and leaning into the unknown. We focus on the big picture and remain customer-, patient-, and user-oriented. We are compassionate, empathic, and relentless.

Our Areas of Expertise

Market Readiness

Go-to-market Strategy - Communication Strategy - Audience Identification - Product Market Fit - Positioning

Branding + Brand Management

Brand Strategy - Naming - Visual Identity Design - Application + Extension - Core Messaging

Information Design

Information Graphics - Data Visualization - Scientific Illustration - Mechanism of Action (MOA) - Analytics Design, Rendering, + Interpretation - Investor Materials

Engagement Systems Design

Recruitment Programs - Retention Programs - Clinical Trial Engagement

Digital Experience Design

User Experience (UX) - User Interface (UI) Design (native app and web)

Our Clients

We are based on Brooklyn, NY and work all over the world. Our clients are pioneers in Life Sciences, early- to mid-stage tech companies across a wide range of industries, and established Fortune 500 companies. Common among them is their drive to engage their market and deliver exceptional value through strong brands, clear messaging, and meaningful products. All benefit the fresh agility of our outside counsel.


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